March 16, 2005 • 11:30 pm
:: subject: Uh .. I'm Alive?

Hello, abandoned livejournal.

Hello, people who may be stumbling across this entry that I once regularly conversed with.

I was bored tonight & stumbled upon this, and I thought I'd say hi to anyone who still has this on their friends list.

Now, I regularly blog on my own domain:
You can email me at:

I'd really like to see how you've all been, so email me if you want!

I've been uber busy, but ... yeah. :)


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May 10, 2004 • 10:28 pm
:: subject: La.

He totally loves me. :)

And, because I'm restless right now.

LACollapse )

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April 5, 2004 • 9:32 am
:: subject: Alive.

I'm not sure that anyone really cares, but I had the sudden urge today to update and let everyone know - if you're still reading my journal - that I am alive. I've pretty much taken myself away from the internet addicted group, and I'm glad, I guess. I find my life a lot ... more fun, now.

I've been working a lot, and since I've turned eighteen, I've been blowing my paychecks at a local Indian casino. Okay, not really, but I have gone a few times and it's been fun. :) What time I don't spend at school and work goes to my boyfriend, of 3-ish months, if you count from when we started dating. He makes me very, very happy, and ... yeah. :) I felt like I needed to brag.

I miss talking to some of you guys sometimes. I'm not around much to talk on AIM anymore, but I do check my email regularly - You'd probably have more luck getting a hold of me at this email address:, than my other one. This'll probably be my last entry for awhile, but hopefully over the summer I'll find the time to get around more. I want to revamp my website and turn it into something cool, but at the moment I don't really have the time. :-/ Maybe soon. After graduation. LOL.

Bye, everyone. Drop me an email if you want!

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June 10, 2003 • 10:45 pm
:: subject: LOCKED.
:: mood: bitchy

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